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In this 1995 novel, author Peter David describes the Hulk as “a nuclear warhead on legs” and “an unstoppable engine of destruction.” The Hulk’s muscles, we are told, defy all known rules of human anatomy. And when he’s on a … Continue reading

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Earth’s Mightiest Superbabies

All four stories in this Marvel superhero collection are a super wreck. Mostly because the Hulk, Daredevil, and X-Men don’t do anything very interesting.  These are comic book adventures not fit for comic books. The X-Men in particular have a bad … Continue reading

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Stranded in the Jungle

“He couldn’t think; he couldn’t feel; all he knew was the rage. Then his body exploded.” Of all the chatty superheroes in the Marvel bullpen, no one is less chatty than the Hulk. The guy is practically pre-lingual. Only the … Continue reading

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