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Live! In the Link Age 08.09.15

There’s a funny bit in the latest Gailsone episode (“Towerfall” / By Casey Glanders / First Printing: June 2015). Allison Gailsone is riding a nuclear missile into outer space (that’s not the funny part, btw). Following the rocket’s blast, her … Continue reading

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Superheroes vs. Warlocks, Part I

It’s WWII. The Germans have supermen, and the English have warlocks. Game on! During the years between the first and second World Wars, Germany creates the Institute of Human Advancement (Institut Menschlichen Vorsprung) to explore the possibility of “Germanic potential.” … Continue reading

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Superhero Novels: With Great Power Come Great Stories

“All superhero fiction is defined by the villain,” said Gini Koch, author of Touched by an Alien. “Batman is nothing without the Joker.” And so it went Friday morning at Comic-Con as a riot of authors gathered to discuss the … Continue reading

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