The Rise (and Fall) of Renegade X

Young Damien wants to grow up to be a supervillain like his mother, the Mistress of Mayhem. He wants to attend Vilmore, the local supervillain university, and he wants to marry his villainous girlfriend, the Shapeshifter. There’s only one problem. His father is a squeaky clean superhero. And you know that’s going to muck up his evil plans.

How many YA superhero novels are there? Hundreds probably. Grappling with superpowers and puberty provides a potent (easy?) metaphor for authors. Being a youngblood is hard; being a young adult is even harder.

The twist this time is that our “hero” wants to be a villain. The set-up inspires some amusingly awkward moments for Damien and his sidekick, the Cosine Kid. It also inspires some lively writing from the author. Despite the crisis of identity and all the diabolical schemes, however, the novel’s denouement is inevitable. This is, after all, a superhero novel and not a supervillain novel.

[The Rise of Renegade X / By Chelsea M. Campbell / First Printing: May 2010 / ISBN: 9781606840603]

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