A Peek Behind the Mask

Frank Byrns is the editor/publisher/guiding light of A Thousand Faces, a quarterly journal of superhuman (Metahuman? Extrahuman?) fiction. He’s also a writer, and may even be a superhero sidekick, as well.

Obviously he is deeply invested in the genre, and it’s no surprise to discover that Things To Come is a reverent and reflective peek behind the mask. Rather than focusing on thunderous battles between superwomen and supermen, these stories witness heroes (and villains) in decline and self-doubt.

Byrns is also carefully building a “Byrnsian Universe” in which all his characters are tied together in some way. In fact, he does an excellent job connecting the dots in the very first story of this collection. He won’t win the Pulitzer for his efforts, but Byrns is doing his best to “put a human face on the mythical struggle between good and evil.”

[Things To Come / By Frank Byrns / First Printing: May 2009 / ISBN: 9781440494710]

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