Superheroes vs. Zombies, Part I

It’s the zombie apocalypse (again), but this time there are superheroes too. And you know what? That’s really, really awesome.

Ex-Heroes is a pop culture mash-up of superheroes and zombies, two genre subsets that mesh surprisingly well together. And since all the action takes place in Hollywood, the book’s premise provides lots of opportunities to poke fun at the entertainment industry.

For example, to pass the time between zombie attacks, the heroes fall into casual conversation about killing undead celebrities like Sandra Oh, Alex Trebek, “and Sulu and Chekov from Star Trek.” There’s even some talk about oral sex with a reanimated Jessica Alba. Is that inappropriate or just gross? Or is it a blunt comment on celebrity culture? We don’t know. One thing’s certain: even during the apocalypse, there will be cheap thrills for everyone.

Every writer who tackles a zombie novel tries to give readers a reasonable explanation about how the dead come back to life. The author dutifully does this. In doing so he delivers the best dialogue in the entire book: “I tried to save the woman I love,” explains one superhero. “And you killed the world,” replies the other.  Oops! Superheroes are supposed to save the world, not spark a zombie Armageddon.

[Ex-Heroes / By Peter Clines / First Printing: February 2010 / ISBN: 9781934861288]

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