The League of Marginally Exceptional Gentlemen

Tom is a regular guy living in Toronto who falls in love with a superhero. She’s the Perfectionist and she has the ability to make everything perfect. There’s only one problem. On their wedding day, Tom disappears. And for newlyweds, that’s hardly a perfect way to start a marriage.

All My Friends Are Superheroes is a twee (and sometimes funny) urban fairytale about marginally exceptional people and their exceptionally common problems. “Being special really doesn’t mean anything,” writes the author. Superheroes still need to get up in the morning and brush their teeth. They need to tie their shoelaces and go to work. And, as the Perfectionist learns, husbands will disappear if you’re not paying attention to them.

There are 249 superheroes in Toronto (and no super villains). Nobody has a secret identity, and very few wear costumes. There’s the Impossible Man, for example. He’s a guy who continually tries to do impossible things (like starting a fire underwater). And there’s the Frog-Kisser, a woman who gives self-confidence to men with just one kiss. The truth of the matter is this: none of these people are going to save the world from a Kree-Skrull war. But never mind that. The author provides a happy ending for Tom and the Perfectionist. The power of love is the most valuable superpower of all.

[All My Friends Are Superheroes / By Andrew Kaufman / First Printing:  October 2003 / ISBN: 9781552451304]

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