Love is Electric

Ever since she was zapped by a knocked-over power line, Jamie Baker has been more amped up than an electrical generator. As a living, breathing conduit of electricity, she’s able to jumpstart a car or dim the houselights with just a nervous twitch.

What she can’t do, however, is kiss her boyfriend. Even one peck on the cheek will electrocute the poor guy. But she’s hopeful. “If I explain the necessity of a strictly platonic relationship,” she reasons, “I’m sure he’ll understand.” Or maybe he won’t. Jamie may be the most powerful person on the planet, but she’s a little naïve when it comes to a teenage boy’s libido.

Since joining “the comic book persuasion,” Jamie’s life has been a mess. The girls at school call her a freak, a reporter is stalking her, and she worries that government agents will whisk her away to Area 51 for some sort of secret operation. Worst of all, her English teacher is a major psycho perv.

But not everything is so terrible. With great power comes great perks, after all. When things get too crazy, she’s able to dash to the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore for a little peace and quit. And if she gets hungry, she can always sprint across the country for a slice of pizza. Plus, she now has green hair and yellow eyes. That’s pretty cool.

Being Jamie Baker takes a tip from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. This is teenage orgasmic abstinence literature. And that means every little thing is hyper passionate and chaste. It’s all so very, very exhausting! In the end, Jamie figures out a way to kiss her boyfriend without frying him to a crisp. She discovers that life is super good and that love is super electric.

Watch the book’s trailer here.

[Being Jamie Baker / By Kelly Oram / First Printing:  June 2010 / ISBN: 9780615377544]

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