Hail the Jewel in the Lotus Flower!

The Green Lama has been around a long time but he never attained cross-generational success like Doc Savage or the Shadow. His story started in pulp magazines during the ’40s, and later migrated to comics and radio. Eventually he faded into nostalgia’s warm glow; his legacy kept alive by archivists, collectors, and elephants with good memories.

But now, for some reason, the Battlin’ Buddhist is experiencing a revival. Last year a short-story collection of all-new Green Lama adventures appeared. And there’s an upcoming three-volume archival project in the works that will (finally) bring back the fourteen original stories. On top of all this, author Adam Lance Garcia has signed on to write a series of brand-new Green Lama novels.

In the first of these novels, Jethro Dumont (our hero) and his friends have to outwit Nazis, amphibians, and the ultimate evil itself—Cthulhu. No problem, right? After a bunch of fun twists and turns, everyone ends up on Monster Island for a big ol’ battle royale. Cthulhu is summoned and dispatched within nine pages, and everyone goes back home (relatively) happy.

Dumont is an interesting character. He’s a reluctant superhero; a guy who initially traveled to Tibet for spiritual enlightenment. After 10 years of monastic study, he returns to New York City (with a pocket full of radioactive salt), dons an emerald-hooded robe, and tries to restore balance to the world. He comes from a totally different place than most superheroes. He’s been MIA for too long, and it’s good to have him back.

[The Green Lama: Unbound / By Adam Lance Garcia / First Printing: July 2010 / ISBN: 9781934935750]

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