Let Your Blue Freak Flag Fly

Kyle Camden is a real jerk. He’s jealous, petty, and mean. He’s a smartass, a prankster, and he’s condescending to his parents. And guess what? He’s not even a teenager.

But it gets worse. When a meteor shower (sorry, plasma storm) turns him into a super genius superhero, Kyle becomes absolutely insufferable. “You still feel a little bit sick?” asks a concerned friend shortly after the incident. “I’m not sick,” mutters Kyle to himself. “It’s just that my DNA has been rewritten by alien energies and now I’m so incredibly smart that in the time it took you to say what you just said, I designed a time machine in my head.” Oy!

Kyle definitely needs a slice of humble pie. Enter Mighty Mike, another 12-year-old kid imbued with super powers. Mike’s a nice uncomplicated guy who’s willing to help out the community in any way he can. As expected, Kyle is jealous and can’t stand him. Furthermore, he suspects that Mike is probably an alien invader who eats brains for breakfast.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, but Kyle is too paranoid and self-absorbed to realize it. He wonders why, when he shows up in his natty blue costume, everyone calls him the Blue Freak. Even though he’s got an IQ “in the thousands,” he’s got a lot to learn.

[Archvillain / By Barry Lyga / First Printing: October 2010 / ISBN: 9780545196499]

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