When the Gods Go Crazy

Epitome is the strongest of the strong, the “king of the superhuman gods.” Even at age 72, he can bench press North America, fly like a jet, and deploy hair follicles to drill through concrete (Whoa!). But what happens when the world’s mightiest mortal gets Alzheimer’s disease?

At its heart, Forced Retirement is the story of Epitome and his daughter, Hericane. Even before the onset of Alzheimer’s, the two never had the greatest relationship in the world. As a father, Epitome was distant, grouchy, and disinterested “At best, he had been an unreadable, occasional presence in Hericane’s life, unable or unwilling to make any but the most perfunctory connection with her.”

Now it’s up to Hericane to stop her father before he destroys Isosceles City in a fit of senile dementia. Not only does she need to defeat the king of superheroes, but she needs to give him a great big hug too. And that’s not going to be easy.

Unexpected help arrives from the past. The battle that ensues is wonderfully inventive and psychedelic on a grand superhero scale. As the past, future, and present collide; father and daughter finally find a way to reconcile their long-standing differences.

[Forced Retirement / By Robert T. Jeschonek / First Printing: May 2010 / Tsetse Press]

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