Sovereign Era: First Class

The era of superheroes kicked off in 1985. That’s when people with extraordinary physical powers stood up and declared their sovereign status. The world hasn’t been the same since.

The events immediately following the Donner Declaration were nicely chronicled in a novel called Brave Men Run. But what’s been going on since Dr. Donner dropped his super bomb? Did all the supermen drop out and move to Montana? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Sovereign Era: Year One proffers seven new stories (by seven new authors) linked in some tangential way to the first novel. It’s not exactly a sequel to Brave Men Run. It’s more like supplemental material. The editor calls it “a mosaic history.” And overall, the collection is very strong.

The most interesting story in the book is about a new drug called Rush. “Distilled from human blood, one drop under the tongue produced three times the euphoric effect of crack.” Naturally it comes straight from the veins of a superhuman. You don’t have to be a drug-dealing genius to see how Rush has the potential to turn society upside down. This is the one story that explores big picture implications of The Sovereign Era: Year Two (coming soon, we hope).

[The Sovereign Era: Year One / Edited by Matthew Wayne Selznick / First Printing: April 2010 / ISBN: 9780976942450]

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