A Brighter Shade of Dull

Ever wonder why there isn’t a Red Skullette, or a Lady Green Goblin, or a Galactus Girl? After all, being evil isn’t exactly a gender thing. There should be at least one unrepentant badass with a double-X chromosome. And now there is. Cherchette Morozov is a woman who wants to build a brotherhood of mutants and she wants to rule the world. Magneto ain’t got nothin’ on this crazy bitch.

And you better believe she’s not going to let a loose confederacy of teenage X-men get in her way. Included in this uncanny group is a cat girl, a sticky girl, a super genius, a guy with teleportation abilities, Cherchette’s son, and our hero, Avery Pirzwick, otherwise known as Dull Boy.

Pirzwick has superpowers (he calls himself “Batman, protector of the playground”), but he’s ambivalent about the whole superhero thing. Once Cherchette starts talking nonsense about creating a master race of supermen, however, Avery’s on board to smash her fascist schemes.

Dull Boy is filled with great characters and lots of funny moments. Darla Carmine, robot inventor, is a super genius who steals every scene she’s in. Note to the author: this nutty girl deserves her own novel. She’s a pip. Best of all is the demented ice queen herself, Cherchette Morozov. She’s a charismatic lunatic with a big dollop of daddy issues. If superheroes are defined by their villains, Dull Boy and his crew are surely XX-traordinary.

[Dull Boy / Sarah Cross / First Printing: May 2009 / ISBN: 9780525421337]

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