Sentinels Assemble!

The Warlord is a megalomaniacal villain who has plans to crunch the multiverse into “a single, contiguous realm.” He’s an ambitious guy who wants to be master of all reality.

But he can’t do it all by himself. He needs a little help from a humanoid torch-like creature named Kabaraak. Working together, these two cosmic conspirators are hoping to alter reality forever.

As expected, things don’t exactly go as planned for the Warlord. For starters, Kabaraak is a bust; he’s only half as powerful as originally advertised. And for another, a squadron of superheroes called the Sentinels has arrived to crash his party.

Initially the Warlord seems like he’s cut from the same cloth as A-list bad guys like Darkseid and Dr. Doom. But in reality, he’s just a pipsqueak with a loud voice. “I am the Warlord!” he announces every time he steps into a room. He’s either the most insecure supervillain in the galaxy, or he’s in need of a good publicist.

Like the Warlord, the Sentinels aren’t exactly at the top of their game either. The group is comprised of superman Ultraa (“America’s most beloved hero”), super genius Esro Brachis (great name!), a rookie recruit named Pulsar, and a “mysterious alien powerhouse” called Vanadium. There’s no question they have the potential to rival the Avengers as Earth’s mightiest heroes. But their lack of experience is making it difficult to squash the Warlord and his crybaby minions.

Overall, this is a fun little book. Part superhero fiction and part pulp fiction, the action bounces back and forth between Jim Starlin-like Syfy action to smile-out-loud moments of sit-com silliness. The author has a talent for action and humor, and he obviously has a soft spot for ’70s era Marvel comics too. Maybe some day we’ll see a Sentinels vs. Sentinels crossover.

[Sentinels: When Strikes the Warlord / By Van Allen Plexico / First Printing: May 2008 / ISBN: 9781934861066]

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