The Kids Are All Right

Over four thousand years ago a mad demigod named Krodin had a plan. He wanted to unite the world by destroying it. “I am not a god,” he proclaimed. “Nor am I human.” In truth, he was the very first superhuman to walk the earth.

But even immortal demigods can be vanquished. Krodin thought he was indestructible, but he was wrong. A pillar of fire consumed him one morning after a spat with his wife. He was only 600 years old. Let that be a lesson to all the mad, demigodly, superhumans reading this review.

Now 4,456 years after his death, a bunch of Mesopotamian groupies are trying to bring the usurper back to life. All they need to do is travel back to the cradle of civilization and drag his ass back to the future. Easy-breezy.

Thankfully a handful of superhuman teenagers are waiting for King Krodin to make his curtain call. Back in ancient Assyria he was famous for being “stronger than a hundred men, and faster than a horse.” But now, who knows? Can a gaggle of squabbling teens defeat the father of all superhumans? Or will big daddy simply put them all in time-out?

Super Human is the first book in a new series by the author of the Quantum Prophecy trilogy (Quantum himself even makes a cameo appearance). For continuity geeks, it’s actually a prequel to the New Heroes/Prophecy books. Despite all the fake science and convenient denouement trickery, the novel is full of teenage kicks and inspired jibber-jabber. Old man Krodin never had a chance.

[Super Human / By Michael Carroll / First Printing: May 2010 / ISBN: 9780399252976]

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