Monkeys vs. Robots

In the first novel of this series, the Sentinels saved Earth from a “trans-dimensional lunatic” called the Warlord.  Now, in the second book, Earth is once again in danger. Only this time, there’s more than one lunatic to defeat.

But what’s so special about Earth? Why is every madman in the galaxy interested in conquering our planet? Is it the lovely Mediterranean weather? The cute Japanese girls? The tasty Mexican food? What is it? As one dismissive bad guy opines, Earth is just a place populated with “glorified, jumped up monkeys.”

They don’t know it yet, but Earth’s “jumped up” superhero monkeys are about to get swept up in a sprawling multi-volume space opera. Trouble begins when a twelve-foot-tall Super-Skrull robot demolishes the Sentinels’ headquarters. In short order Esro Brachis gets sucked into a Negative Zone-like dimension with a sexy Kur-Bai Starfleet officer. His cosmic adventure takes up most of the book. And it’s a doozy. The rest of the Sentinels are basically stuck on terra firma waiting for their boss to return.

All the major players from the first book return in this second installment. And a handful of new characters are introduced as well. Like all good serialized fiction, everything is quickly getting twisty and super complicated. But despite all the action, adventure, and sex (yup, Brachis and his Kur-Bai babe get it on), A Distant Star doesn’t feel like a complete novel. It’ll satisfy the Sentinels faithful, but it’s merely a small piece of something larger.

[Sentinels: A Distant Star / By Van Allen Plexico / First Printing: July 2008 / ISBN: 9781934861073]

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