Small Heroes, Big Murders

Someone in Las Vegas is killing a group of diminutive superheroes. Pinpoint, Germ Warfare, and Flyspeck—they’re all gone. What’s more, the deaths are being filmed and sold as porn videos. Everybody has a kink, and some people are willing to spend a lot of money for the chance to see a superhero snuff film.

Isaac Gideon, an unemployed custodian and full-time crimefighter, has a personal stake in all this. As a superhero, he has the ability to shrink to the size of his seven-year-old self. That’s why he’s known as Man-Child. One night, drugged to the point of helplessness, he was overcome and raped in his child-like state. With the consciousness of an adult and the body of a child, Isaac endured “the kind of nightmare that makes the worst nightmare you can imagine seem like the sweetest dream.” Sexual exploitation is No. 1 on his list of things to eradicate.

Driving around Vegas in his ’74 Dodge Dart (love that car!), Isaac investigates one clue after another in hopes of tracking down the pornographic culprits. He soon discovers that all roads lead back to his very own doorstep. There’s a big shocker waiting for Isaac (and the reader) in the story’s very last line. No one, not even a superhero named Man-Child, can experience a second childhood. Wake up, little one. It’s time to grow up.

[A Matter of Size / By Robert T. Jeschonek / First Printing:  February 2011 / Tsetse Press]

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