Faster Than Fast

Salena Tibbets wants to set a new land speed record, but she doesn’t have access to a space shuttle, a Japanese bullet train or a Bugatti Veyron. Then again, she doesn’t really need a motorized vehicle. She’s a parahuman speedster professionally known as Mustang Sally, and she’s planning to break the sound barrier using her own two feet.

To do so, she’ll need to reach a speed of 780 miles per hour. That’s pretty darn fast. Things get dangerous when you’re cruising around at top speed. For one, your body can quickly burst into flames. For another, the laws of inertia can easily liquefy your internal organs. That’s gotta hurt. Even Barry Allen and Wally West know that when your brain starts to rattle around inside your skull it’s time to downshift.

For protection, Salena intends to don an ultra-high-speed racing suit specially designed for her sonic boom sprint. The red and yellow outfit will (hopefully) reduce airflow and protect her from friction heat. There are even airbags included in case she trips and falls. With her natural abilities and her streaky new suit, Salena has come to the Bonneville Salt Flats and she’s ready to rip.

Obviously there are limits to what any human can do, even a parahuman like Salena Tibbets. The author addresses those limitations and provides his protagonist with some internal motivation to excel even further. Giant-Man may be tall, but he undoubtedly wants to be taller. Tony Stark is always upgrading his battle armor. And Mustang Sally is no different. She’s fast, but she wants to go even faster.

[Graceful Blur / By Ian Thomas Healy / First Printing: January 2011 / Smashwords]

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