They Are Legend

There is information available from previous centuries—information that speaks of the ability to transform man. These texts have long been considered allegorical and are rarely referenced in the modern world.

But two college buddies knew the potential was real. They read the ancient writings, combined the knowledge with a little bit of DNA manipulation, and discovered a way to turn men into supermen.

But like Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom, these two friends had two very different personal agendas. One guy wanted to make a profit from their scientific breakthrough, and the other guy was more altruistic. And like Richards and Von Doom, they became bitter rivals and parted ways.

But now WWII is winding down and the race to produce the first superhuman is speeding up. An eleven-man squadron of super soldiers (eventually whittled down to four) is crisscrossing the globe looking for the last bit of information needed to push mankind up the evolutionary ladder. Their mission: “to help humanity heal itself and create a utopia for mankind.”

The author has fashioned an alt-history novel with political intrigue and perfidy that combines science, fullmetal alchemy, and superheroes. The four main characters (Alexander, Richard, Cleopatra, and Boudicca) become accidental heroes with names that reflect their classical pedigree. In a way, Soldiers of Legend: Betrayals is like a Fantastic Four comic with a big historical twist. This is the first book in a proposed five-book series. Who knows, maybe the Frightful Four will pop up at some point. That would be doubly fantastic.

[Soldiers of Legend: Betrayals / By Danielle Kazemi / First Printing: March 2011 / Smashwords]

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