The NeverEnding Story

Distraxion is a character that has popped up at various times in the first three Sentinels novels. She’s a sexy hypnotist who uses her powers of distraction to influence her adversaries. Her uniform of choice is a “tiny, bright red bikini” with thigh-high boots. As an icon, she always seemed closer to Vampirella than Zatanna.

Up until this point, the image of Distraxion was controlled exclusively by the author’s lively keystroke and the reader’s salacious imagination. But in this volume of the Sentinels saga, we finally get to see an artistic interpretation of the supervillainess (see it and weep: page 63). How disappointing! If the creator wanted to cast his “sexy” character as a middle-aged woman with a fat ass, then mission accomplished.

It makes sense for these Sentinels books to include illustrations. The series is basically a comic book in prose form anyway. However, a little art direction might have been appropriate in this case. Unless, of course, we’re totally mistaken: if Distraxion was originally conceived as a big-bottomed gal, we respectfully retract our criticisms and bow to the writer’s intentions.

Anyhoo, moving on … Apocalypse Rising brings the initial Sentinels story arc to a satisfying conclusion (sort of). There are lots of plot points still dangling. But that’s to be expected. The author is comfortable with serialized storytelling, and each book is a launching pad to further adventures. “We’ve done a lot of good in the last few days,” says Ultraa, “but it’s never over.” Warlords and Rivals take note: the (newly christened) Sentinels are always on patrol!

[Sentinels: Apocalypse Rising / By Van Allen Plexico / First Printing: August 2008 / ISBN: 978-1934861080]

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