Psionic Supersonic

The year is 2021 and the country is a stinking mess. After a string of wars, toxic accidents and natural disasters, the air is not always breathable and the sun is an almost forgotten astronomical phenomenon.

But how can a person be at peace with nature so befouled? That’s the question Chuck Simon is having a hard time answering. He’s a lonely high school gym teacher (and soon-to-be superhero) from a small town in Ohio and he can’t stand to see the world falling apart around him. Whether it’s a bus that needs a catalytic converter, or a kid strung out on Snap, if he sees something wrong, he can’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. He has to do something about it. “It’s kind of a religious thing,” he says.

But life-changing events are waiting around the corner for our hero. When drug dealers threaten the life of his coworker, he blows his top and savagely kills the thugs (see the book’s cover illustration for a sample of the fiery carnage). Where once he practiced benign “religious” intervention, the telepath and psychokinetic avenger unexpectedly morphs into a berserker bombshell. “These ungodly powers must have come straight from the bowls of Hell,” laments Simon, “for certainly they could not have come from Heaven.”

And thus begins a six-book superhero adventure series about a pacifist who has the potential to destroy the world around him. Don’t be waylaid by all the angst and religious dressing, Mind-Force Warrior is actually a well-balanced, neatly paced origin story that contains a fair amount of humor. The series has been around for 20 years in various printings, and we’re looking forward to finally sitting down and reading the whole thing. Next up: Psi-Man: Deathscape.

[Psi-Man: Mind-Force Warrior / By Peter David / First Ace Printing: February 2000 / ISBN: 9780441007059]

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