Invisible and Justice for All

James Maxey has written a book with a split personality. On one hand, Nobody Gets the Girl is a novel of moral ambiguity on a Biblical scale. It is the story of a man named Dr. Knowbokov who knowingly sparks a second big bang and puts the universe back together wrong. He is God, in other words. And he is a supervillain.

It is also a novel that caters to adolescent fanboy fantasies. The hero of the story is an invisible man who sleeps with sexy superheroes and spies on girls in the shower. He is, writes the author, “a voyeur ghost, eternally seeking truth and beauty, jerking off when he finds it.” The guy is an invisible horndog, an everyman with a comic book kink.

For his part, Dr. Knowbokov is trying to save the world by reforesting and repopulating the vanished species of Earth. That sounds noble, doesn’t it? But to do so, he needs to round up every human on the planet and stack them up like firewood in life-supporting wombs in floating super-cities in the middle of the ocean.

Like all great villains, the doctor thinks he’s the hero of his story. He may have initiated a second big bang (oops!), but he’s doing his best to put the pieces of reality back together again. So what if he has to manipulate the total obliteration of Jerusalem? No sacrifice is too big to stop him from his final solution.

Nobody Gets the Girl is a novel inspired by all the madness and speculation surrounding the end of the millennium. It features big ideas and humor, and borrows bits and pieces from Alan Moore’s Watchmen. In the end, two superheroes rejoin on Mars to reflect upon the future. It is here, on a planet symbolizing war and violence, where a new universe will be born. As the book’s title promises, the invisible man gets the girl. Horny comic book readers shout hooray.

[Nobody Gets the Girl / By James Maxey / First Printing: July 2003 / ISBN: 9780972002622]

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