Superhero Novels Alert: Blaze of Glory TV

A year ago, author Sheryl Nantus told us that she’d like to see her Blaze of Glory series eventually turned into a television show. And now, in her latest book (Heroes Without, Monsters Within), her characters are even musing about it. “I wonder who they’d cast in the made-for-television movie if the whole story ever got out,“ says Jo Tanis, the leader of the Glory pack.

So we began thinking about it too. What if someone in Hollywood optioned these books and turned them into a weekly TV series? Superheroes have been creeping into primetime recently (Alphas being our favorite of the bunch, btw). The timing is perfect for a show about the world’s premier superhero team, the Protectors.

But who would be cast in such a show? While reading the books, we saw Lita Ford and Kevin Sorbo in the starring roles. But what do we know? They’re both too old. We decided to go right to the source and ask the author to give us her wish list. She was also nice enough to provide a handy description of her characters. Protectors Assemble!

Jo Tanis (Surf) – Jewel Staite. “She’s tough and able to deal with both the fame of being super and the drama of being a hero.”

Hunter Dillon (the Multiple Man?) – James Marsden. “Serious and stable, willing to be both a Guardian and a friend.”

Steve Nyre (Slammer) – Michael Chiklis. “Strong exterior and a soft interior, he’s the man you want by your side when it gets tough.”

Peter Boyos (Ani-Man) – Toby Maguire. “He knows what to say at the right time to make it right.”

And for flashbacks: Metal Mike – Michael Clarke Duncan. “He’s there when you need him. Even if he’s dead.”

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