Force It

In Forced Retirement, Hericane saved Isosceles City from being destroyed. Now in Forced Betrayal, she has to save the entire planet from being destroyed. She’s the daughter of the most powerful superhuman who ever lived. And, as it turns out, she’s pretty powerful herself.

But it’s not like she’s the only superhero in her hometown. There are a lot of them, including Windening Gyre, Mogul, Panic Attack, Stalwart, Deathalyzer, Mardi Gras, Thunder Perfect Mind, the Jupitarian, CEO (the Chief Executive Officer of Justice), Blindspot, Concealer, Lethe, Retcon, King Crypto, Old Glory, Ball Lightning, Air Marshall, Sputnik, Concorde, Gestalt, Red Baron, Sky Shark, Trampolina, Shishkabob, King David, Party Rocker, Partycrasher, Geyser, Homewrecker, Overtime, Dixieman, and Rx (the Prescription for Crime).

Despite the inexhaustible parade of crimefighters, there’s something nasty going on in Isosceles City. “A great big superhero secret,” says Hericane.

The death of her lover sparks an investigation that leads Hericane to a strip club for animals, a church that harbors supervillains, and finally to an old movie theater that’s been transformed into a gateway for otherworldly creatures. What she discovers is perhaps the vilest thing imaginable. It’s not the Manifestation of Armageddon that disgusts her (although it certainly makes her pause), but it’s the questionable behavior of her superhuman colleagues.

Everybody makes choices in life, and the scummy heroes of Isosceles City have clearly made the wrong ones. They’re making moral decisions based on acceptable losses. And that ain’t right.

Hericane takes one look around and considers her options. But really, there is only one option available. Does she save the world, or doesn’t she? After a brief hissy fit (!), she gets down to business. You’d expect nothing less from “the most powerful woman on the face of the friggin’ planet.”

[Forced Betrayal / By Robert T. Jeschonek / First Printing: January 2012 / ISBN: 9781465794666]

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