Divided We Fall

Invasion, the first novel of Mercedes Lackey’s superhero series, was about metahumans fighting Nazi robots from outer space. It was awesome. As readers, we experienced the “shock and awe” of the Fourth Reich. Now we get a follow-up novel that predicts the end of the world. “Why, whenever things go seriously tits-up, are there always Nazis involved?”

The title of the new book is World Divided and it pretty much describes the dire situation immediately following the Krieger invasion. The Earth has been reduced to rubble and no one can come to an accord…especially in the United States. The government is barely hanging on, Echo, a branch of metahuman do-gooders, is in the midst of a hostile takeover, and the Super-Sobratiye Sovetskikh Revolutzionerov is still recruiting members and buying equipment on CraigsList. How pathetic. And worst of all, the eggheads from Metis—a Super Science LaLa Land—won’t expend nary a byte to help.

To complicate things even further, a bedridden precog by the name of Ides O. March has predicted the end of the world. “Fire and death, fire and death,” he scribbles moments before setting himself on fire. “Nothing left. No one. The end.” He may not be a poet, but as a seer, he’s right on the money. No one wins when superheroes battle Nazi supermecha from outer space.

The first book of the Secret World Chronicle was full of action. And we loved it. The new one takes a step back and allows us get to know the survivors a little bit better. Seraphym is still a mopey angel and Natalya Shostakovich is still a grouchy communist. That, for better or worse, hasn’t changed. But we gain a deeper understanding of important characters such as John Murdock, Victoria Victrix Nagy, and Red Djinni. As an added bonus, two splendidly evil villains are introduced. And finally, a very important question is asked. “Would the world be a better place without metahumans?”

[World Divided: Book Two of the Secret World Chronicle / By Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, Veronica Giguere / First Printing: February 2012 / ISBN: 9781451638011]

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