Come Together

Jesus of Nazareth has returned to Earth and he’s got a simple message for everyone. “Be good to one another,” he says. “Don’t do anything to anybody that you wouldn’t want somebody to do to you.”

In conclusion, he adds, “Don’t worry about the meaning of life, either. Even the Lord doesn’t know that.”

And he means it. God really doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing. That’s why He’s writing the Bible. He’s putting everything down on paper as an exercise to learn about good and evil. And we, you and I, and Lucifer down below, are all just characters in his ongoing threepenny opera.

But Satan is a sneaky devil. With a little subterfuge and some help from a televangelist and a superhero, he plans to write his own version of the Bible. Why not? If God can do it, so can he. And if his plan succeeds, he’ll turn the world upside down. Overproof rum and fine Cuban cigars for everyone!

Having read a thousand comics as a kid, Chesney Arnstruther knows that the hero, however flawed he may be, has to step up when the situation is at its most perilous. He needs to do the right thing. As the Actionary, he outwitted ol’ Scratch in the first book of this series (The Damned Busters). But here, he finds himself working both sides of the fence to stop the Parousia.

After wrestling with his own personal circumstances, Chesney finally realizes that good and evil, light and darkness, must coexist in this world. And to that end, he brokers a writing workshop in the Garden of Eden. (Check out the book’s cover illustration for the ultimate spoiler.) The seas don’t boil and the moon doesn’t turn to blood. The End of Days has been rescheduled.

[Costume Not Included / By Matthew Hughes / First Printing: March 2012 / ISBN: 9780857661395]

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