You Say You Want a Revolution

RevolutionAccording to author Michael Ivan Lowell, a second Great Depression will cripple the United States in the near future. With no relief in sight, the president and congress will look for guidance from the private sector. Thus summoned, the 25 biggest companies in the country will come to the rescue.

The good news is that the government’s gambit works. The U.S. will ultimately avoid financial ruin. The bad news, however, is that America will be hijacked by Time Warner Cable, Wal-Mart, Monsanto, and a host of shady oil companies and needy automobile manufacturers.

The Suns of Liberty: Revolution begins 10 years after the second Great Depression ends. The Freedom Council—a consortium of business leaders who have usurped control of the United States—is now telling people what to do. It’s up to a small group of superheroes called the Suns of Liberty to adopt a second Declaration of Independence and reclaim their country’s old glory. Taking a tip from their pal John Lennon, they’re all doing what they can.

The leader of the Suns of Liberty was a guy named the Revolution. Not much was known about him. To some he was a modern-day Robin Hood. To others, he was a guardian of the Constitution and democracy (in other words, a sworn enemy of the Freedom Council). And to others he was a fascist, a fraud, and the most dangerous man alive. Media Corp, a broadcasting organization that manufactured news to suit the new regime, called him “Darth Vader wrapped in a flag.”

Even his cohorts didn’t know much about him. He didn’t have an alter ego or a secret identity. In fact, his costume was permanently grafted to his skin. He couldn’t take it off even if he wanted to. Unlike his entourage of super friends (Spider Wasp, Lantern, Stealth, Hunley, Helius, and Saratoga), the Revolution was a superhero 24 hours a day. His calendar was totally booked solid.

Appropriately, all of the action in this book takes place in Massachusetts (ground zero for the first Revolutionary War), and the heroes are all star-spangled, red-white-and-blue super patriots. There’s a lot of flag-waving and fervent speechifying involved—and all this national pride and love of democracy will surely appeal to anyone who thinks the United States needs a serious reboot. “When corporations become more powerful than governments, democracy dies,” says the Revolution at one point. “Corporate rule is nothing if not taxation without representation. We are the Suns of Liberty, and the Republic will rise again.” Get ready for the American Revolution, Part II.

[The Suns of Liberty: Revolution / By Michael Ivan Lowell / First Printing: March 2013 / ISBN: 9781484060810]

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