Indestructibles … in … Space!

LikeACometThe last time we looked, the Indestructibles were traveling into the future to save the world from mankind’s bad behavior and hubris (for more details, check out our review of The Entropy of Everything).

Now in the latest novel, our favorite superhero kids were saving the world again. This time the threat was coming from deep space, but man’s rotten nature was still the catalyst of the extinction event. “We are a carrion creature,” explained the encroaching scourge. “We eat the rotten things. We wipe the slate clean. Humanity is the poison in the vein. We can never let you go to the stars, you will bring destruction and death wherever you go.”

It’s true, of course. We were an awful bunch. Ryan Lochte, Jared Fogle, Chris Brown, Harley Quinn – they’re all crackerjack examples of mankind’s bad behavior. Who knows, maybe the universe would be a better place without the stain of humanity.

Naturally, the Indestructibles disagreed. They were a merry band of misfits that included a sorcerer supreme, a 300-pound werewolf, an alien symbiotic, a ballerina with a bad attitude, a solar-powered girl, and a girl who controlled gravitational anomalies. It was their job to keep Earth spinning for one more day. God bless ’em.

But saving the world was a big job. The Indestructibles needed all the help they could get. As a result, author Matthew Phillion spends a big chunk of the novel adding more firepower to the team. Long time readers will be happy to see nearly everyone in the Indestructibles multiverse make a cameo appearance in this adventure. Some of these supporting characters (like Bedlam and Korthos) are clearly ready for prime time.

Initially, we had concerns that Phillion wouldn’t be able to assimilate such a large group of characters in one book. It’s a tricky thing to do. Many movies, for example, are undone with a large cast vying for screen time (Avengers: Age of Ultron, for example). We understand that serial fiction can be expansive and a little bit messy. But in general we feel that a tight narrative with a manageable cast is the best way to go for most storytellers.

Our concerns were for naught, however. Phillion succeeds (more or less) in his splashy cosmic superhero romp. Outer space is a big place, after all, and there’s a lot of room for subplots and quirky digressions between Earth and Saturn. Even though the cast is large, the author makes sure everybody gets a chance to be a hero. He even finds time to put Entropy Emily in an Evangelion-like war machine. And that’s the coolest thing ever.

The best thing about these Indestructibles novels is watching the tightly knit group of kids grow up. In the first two books (read our reviews here and here), they were a disjointed bunch that didn’t know what to do with their freaky abilities. But after saving the world (twice!), they’ve earned the right to call themselves “Earth’s mightiest heroes.” Sounds like a pretty good tagline, doesn’t it?

[Like a Comet: The Indestructibles Book 4 / By Matthew Phillion / First Printing: May 2016 / ISBN: 9780997024852]

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