Live! In the Link Age 07.11.17.

EchoSeaMatthew Phillion’s latest book takes place in Atlantis and features were-sharks, leviathans, assassins, mermaids, and all sorts of mythical creatures (Echo and the Sea / First Printing: June 2017 / ISBN: 9780997916539). Phillion is quick to point out that his new effort is only tangentially connected to his ongoing Indestructibles series and exists outside human society on the fringes of the fantastical and mystical. Check out the author’s website (here) for more information. Review TK.

In Kay Kenyon’s new novel, a young girl with superpowers must go undercover to discover a secret Nazi plot and stop an invasion of England (At the Table of Wolves / First Printing: July 2017 / ISBN: 9781481487788). The publisher is promoting the novel as “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy meets the X-Men.” Look for the sequel Serpent in the Heather to be released early next year. Kenyon answers some questions about her series (here).

Samantha Bryant continues her Menopausal Superheroes series with two recent releases. Friend or Foe (First Printing: June 2017 / ISBN: 9781620072615 ) is a short story collection that adds context to a couple of reoccurring characters, mad scientist Cindy Liu and Patricia “Lizard Woman” O’Neill. Face the Change (First Printing: July 2017 / ISBN: 9781620070499) is the third full-length novel in the series and features shifting relationships and alliances. “I continue to love these characters and creating adventures for them and obstacles for them to overcome,” says Bryant. “Heroism comes in many shapes, sizes, and ages, and I’m happy to help redefine ‘strong female character.’”

Every superhero needs a super pet. That’s the impetus behind a new series of chapter books from creators Steve Korte, Michael Dahl, and Art Baltazar. Coming in August: Ace! The Origin of Batman’s Hound, Jumpa! The Origin of Wonder Woman’s Kanga, Streaky! The Origin of Supergirl’s Cat, and Krypto! The Origin of Superman’s Dog. Hopefully more books about DC super pets are in the pipeline. We’ve always liked Superboy’s pet monkey, Beppo, Supgergirl’s horse, Comet, Mary Marvel’s rabbit, Hoppy, and Starfire’s cute silkworm, Silkie.

Author Rick Rawes promises a “diverse range of characters and beliefs” in his newly released novel Heroes & Demons (First Printing: June 2017 / ISBN: 9781521557624). The story is about four unlikely superheroes who get caught up in the upcoming Apocalypse. We can neither confirm nor deny that their names are Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death.

Heroes and villains often represent different sides of the same coin. For example, who would Batman be without the Joker? Or Reed Richards without Dr. Doom? For more insights into the complicated nature of superhero and supervillain relationships, check out two new anthologies released in June from editor Steve Beaulieu: It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! (ISBN: 9781547296446) and World Domination (ISBN: 9781548067113).

Author Sarah Kuhn (Heroine Complex and Heroine Worship) discusses dragon ladies and reclaiming Asian female aggression (here). “Enter the motherfucking dragon,” she says in conclusion.

We have fond memories of James Maxey’s novel, Nobody Gets the Girl (read our review here). Now the author is back with Covenant (First Printing: June 2017 / ISBN: 9781548513238), a story about a superhero named Skyrider who must save the world and save her marriage at the same time.

Note to writers of superhero prose fiction: don’t let bathos ruin your dramatic scenes. You don’t want a serious moment to be undercut for comedic effect. Embrace sincerity! For more editorial guidance, check out the video: What Writers Should Learn From Wonder Woman.

Interviews: Christopher Golden, one of the authors of Indigo (here). Lisa Yee, author of Katana at Super Hero High (here). Sarah Kuhn, author of Heroine Worship (here). Eric Haven, creator of Vague Tales (here). Elvis Mitchell interviews Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins (here).

Reviews: Indigo by Charlaine Harris and friends (here). Katana at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee (here and here). Dear Cyborgs by Eugene Lim (here). Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo (here, here and here). At the Table of Wolves by Kay Kenyon (here). Shattered by Lee Winter (here). Heroine Worship (here and here) and Heroine Complex (here) by Sarah Kuhn. The Black Bat/The Purple Scar: Faces of Fear by Ron Fortier (here). Wonder Woman: the Art and Making of the Film by Sharon Gosling (here). Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls by Beth McMullen (here). Restless: An Anthology of Mummy Horror edited by Jim Beard and John C. Bruening (here).

For your reading pleasure: Harley Quinn at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee. Batman: Nightwalker by Marie Lu. Thor: Crusade of the Forgotten by Pat Shand. The Masques Chronicles: An Imaginary History, Vol. 1 by D.K. Latta. The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives by Joynell Schultz. Scarlet Strike by Anthony Thackston. I Need a Hero by Peter Styles. The Dead Man Chronicles: Fear by Ellis E. Fowler. Appendix Man by Angus McNeil. Roller Girl by George Butler III. The Sunstroms by Gene E. Willoughby II. Ultra Troopers by Noah Power. Nova Academy by Scott Olen Reid. The Vagabond: Origins by Hyphen D. Love, Murder & Mayhem: Cosmic Tales of the Heart Gone Deadly Wrong edited by Russ Colchamiro. Comic Shop: The Retail Mavericks Who Gave Us a New Geek Culture by Dan Gearino.

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