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Some Kind of Wonderful

No superhero has a messier background than Wonder Woman. She’s always been iconic, of course, but her rep has suffered unduly by censorship, revisionism, editorial missteps, and appropriation. In the beginning, Wonder Woman’s motivation was clear. She was a peacenik … Continue reading

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Live! In the Link Age 07.11.17.

Matthew Phillion’s latest book takes place in Atlantis and features were-sharks, leviathans, assassins, mermaids, and all sorts of mythical creatures (Echo and the Sea / First Printing: June 2017 / ISBN: 9780997916539). Phillion is quick to point out that his … Continue reading

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Katana: She Who Is Worthy

When Tatsu was a little girl growing up in Japan, her grandmother taught her how to wield a samurai sword. But the bushi queen begged her young charge to be careful. “You may hold my katana,” said Onna-bugeisha Yamashiro, “but … Continue reading

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The Dark Night

At 19, Nora Hesper’s parents were gunned down in a dark alley. Flush with a large life insurance payout, she traveled to Nepal and studied the mystic arts in a mountainside monastery. Returning to the U.S., she hooked up with … Continue reading

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Legends of the Zodiac

What’s the mightiest of all astrological signs? Is it Scorpio? Taurus? Leo? It’s hard to qualify such a thing. When you think about it, perhaps the most powerful sign is Pisces. After all, water covers over three-fourths of the Earth’s … Continue reading

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Mighty BioMorphin’ Super Soldiers

The super soldier concept was one of the most popular tropes in superhero fiction. With a simple injection, anybody could attain peak physical performance and operate beyond normal human abilities. Just look at Captain America, Deathstroke, and Mockingbird. Of course, … Continue reading

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The Stranger Within

A Little More Human was a novel about a guy named Phil Snyder, Jr., who could read minds. During the week he worked as a lowly nursing assistant at a top-secret medical research facility. But on weekends, he slipped into … Continue reading

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