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Live! In the Link Age 05.23.17

We had to wait patiently until the season finale of Riverdale to see Jughead eat a hamburger. But what’s planned for season two, we wonder? Will Sabrina be added to the cast? Will Jason Blossom return? While waiting for the … Continue reading

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Live Long and Prosper

Twenty-five years had passed since the debut of Sputnik Chick #1. And never once during that time did creator Debbie Reynolds Biondi ever consider giving “The Girl With No Past” an origin story. But it was finally time to put … Continue reading

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It hasn’t happened yet. But at some point, an author is going to sit down and bang out a big, whopping superhero novel. Something hefty like The Brothers Karamazov or Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And why … Continue reading

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Arrow: A Generation of Vipers: A Conversation with Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith

From the moment Captain America punched Adolf Hitler in the kisser, comic book readers have enjoyed crossovers. Who doesn’t like to see the Justice League mix it up with the Avengers, or Darkseid go toe-to-toe with Galactus? Jean-Luc Picard meeting … Continue reading

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Caught In a Bad Arrowmance

A Generation of Vipers is a novel that reminds us of all the things we miss about the Arrow TV show, including substantive involvement from Thea Queen (the Red Arrow), Felicity Smoak (Overwatch), Malcolm Merlyn (the Dark Archer), Lyla Michaels … Continue reading

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Library Wars

Maxwell, Daniel, Kyel, Ramsay, and Grace weren’t exactly the Suicide Squad. Nor were they the Dirty Dozen, the Expendables, or the A-Team. But they were a little bit disreputable. Ramsay, for one, was a scofflaw who willfully ignored his growing … Continue reading

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Witchy Woman

Witchblade was certainly a big part of the “bad girl” movement in comic books during the ’90s. And author John DeChancie didn’t back away from the sexy witch’s infamous peek-a-boo transformation in his prose adaptation from 2002. She was, he … Continue reading

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