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The Young Woman and the Sea

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 80 percent of marine pollution comes from land. That’s why the Sub-Mariner and Godzilla are always declaring war on the surface dwellers. They’re tired of living in an ocean filled with discarded … Continue reading

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Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane

Up until this point, we’ve praised author Gwenda Bond for deemphasizing Superman in her excellent Lois Lane series. In two previous novels (Fallout and Double Down), Clark Kent was simply a part of the supporting cast orbiting around Lois Lane’s … Continue reading

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Live! In the Link Age 09.05.17

As a prisoner of war during WWII, Benoit Kurtz was a lab rat for mad German scientists (“Hochelaga and Sons” / By Claude Lalumière / First Printing: February 2013). When the war ended, he was released, debriefed, and shipped back … Continue reading

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The Deadtown Girls

“There’s something about getting strangled and stuffed into a refrigerator that makes you consider your choices in life,” says Samantha Dane at the end of The Refrigerator Monologues. Samantha’s chilly death illustrates a plot device infamously known as “women in … Continue reading

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Last Week In Superhero Fiction: A Conversation with Kristen Brand

Author Kristen Brand loves superheroes. Almost Invincible, the third book in her popular White Knights/Black Valentine series, will be released at the end of September (the first two books include Hero Status and Villainous). In addition, her ongoing web series … Continue reading

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When someone writes the history of superhero prose fiction, the late Byron Preiss will undoubtedly be a big part of the narrative. During his lifetime, Preiss launched a handful of interesting projects. Weird Heroes, in particular, was an eight-volume paperback … Continue reading

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Web of Spider-Man

Sixteen-year-old Miles Morales always thought he came from bad blood. Both his father and his uncle were hoodlums when they were his age, and now his 15-year-old cousin was locked up in prison. Miles was worried that he would inevitably … Continue reading

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