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Every species has an ecological niche, according to author James Alan Gardner. A superhero’s niche was coincidence. “They inhaled luck and exhaled unintended consequences,” he said. “They were born in fluke accidents, died in dramatic irony, and came back to … Continue reading

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Power to the People

Have you heard the news? Superheroes aren’t just a figment of your amazing fantasy – they’re totally real. And if you’re living in a large metropolitan area like New York, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, or Salt Lake City, … Continue reading

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Big Ol’ Jet Airliner

In 1942, Mighty Mouse fought mobsters, rescued damsels in distress, and punched erupting volcanoes. Like Superman, he was strong and wore a colorful superhero costume. Unlike Superman (who could only leap tall buildings at the time), Mighty Mouse streaked across … Continue reading

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Unidentified Assailant in Black

Bruce Wayne was a senior in high school at the beginning of Batman: Nightwalker. In his spare time he liked to read mystery novels and listen to the police scanner. All things considered, he was just a normal everyday teenage … Continue reading

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Young Man Blues

Like Dick Grayson, Vincent Sawyer grew up as a superhero’s sidekick. But at 16 he wanted to say goodbye to his Batman-like mentor Black Harrier and fight crime solo. It was time for him to establish his own identity. He … Continue reading

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One Woman Army Corps

Sienna McKnight was born in the harsh desert of Central Asia. She was, says author R.K. Syrus, “An orphan girl born in blood with the birthright of pain and scars.” Nothing in life would be easy for her. Now a … Continue reading

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Be Your Own Bloom

Everyone is a nerd about something, says author Cecil Castellucci in her latest novel. And we can attest to that. At various times over the years we’ve been inordinately preoccupied with a sundry of things. Rat Fink, Ricky Nelson, Angela … Continue reading

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