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Superhero Novels: The Best of 2017 and a Peek at 2018

Every year we look forward to compiling our Top 5 list of superhero novels. It’s a great way to revisit all the books we’ve read during the past 12 months, and it helps put everything in perspective. Seeing how the … Continue reading

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Super Girl

A recent singularity event in National City creates a batch of new superhumans in author Jo Whittemore’s delightfully wacky Supergirl novel. Among others, there’s a meteorologist who can now control weather, a bodybuilder who can levitate objects (get it?), and … Continue reading

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All You Need Is Love

There were 400 superheroes affiliated with the Renegades, Gatlon City’s premier justice league. Led by a five-member council, the Renegades were former vigilantes who took control of their city and established a sensible legislative purview. Like most superheroes, the Renegades … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman: Peacemaker

The title of Leigh Bardugo’s Wonder Woman novel is tantalizingly provocative. It implies that Princess Diana of Themyscira is being re-imagined as some kind of harbinger of war. But that’s not the case. Wonder Woman isn’t a “Warbringer” at all. … Continue reading

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The War of Talents, Part I

Thirty-three year old Kim Tavistock is looking for something to do with herself. Recently removed from a newspaper job in the U.S., Kim is back in England and living with her father. It’s 1936 and jobs are hard to find … Continue reading

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The Life and Death of Rasputin

How do you kill something that’s already dead? It’s simple. Every zombie, mummy, and vampire knows the answer to that question. Life is the only thing that can defeat death. But somehow Grigori Rasputin didn’t get cc’d on the memo. … Continue reading

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Hocus Pocus POTUS

Superhero novels are a great platform for metaphor and subtext. Rarely, and for good reason, do authors use their work to comment explicitly on current events. Nobody wants to read a Hulk novel about changes in the E.U. general data … Continue reading

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