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The Unsinkable Dreadnought

When you think about it, superheroes are lousy agents of democracy. Equality? Political freedom? Access to the legislative process? Forget about it. In no way does a crimefighting vigilante with superpowers represent democratic ideology. “We’re told to pretend that everyone … Continue reading

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Johnny Ribkins, Cartographer for Hire

Think about all the mutants who weren’t good enough to get into Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Remember KwikStep? He was the kid who could put on his sneakers without untying them. And GoGo Kawasaki? She never had to stop … Continue reading

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Echo and the Indestructibles: A Conversation with Matthew Phillion

Every superhero multiverse has some kind of tangential connection to the lost continent of Atlantis. There are a lot of aqua men in the sea, after all. Now author Matthew Phillion has added Atlantis myth and magic to his ever-expanding … Continue reading

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The Young Woman and the Sea

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 80 percent of marine pollution comes from land. That’s why the Sub-Mariner and Godzilla are always declaring war on the surface dwellers. They’re tired of living in an ocean filled with discarded … Continue reading

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Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane

Up until this point, we’ve praised author Gwenda Bond for deemphasizing Superman in her excellent Lois Lane series. In two previous novels (Fallout and Double Down), Clark Kent was simply a part of the supporting cast orbiting around Lois Lane’s … Continue reading

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The Deadtown Girls

“There’s something about getting strangled and stuffed into a refrigerator that makes you consider your choices in life,” says Samantha Dane at the end of The Refrigerator Monologues. Samantha’s chilly death illustrates a plot device infamously known as “women in … Continue reading

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Last Week In Superhero Fiction: A Conversation with Kristen Brand

Author Kristen Brand loves superheroes. Almost Invincible, the third book in her popular White Knights/Black Valentine series, recently came out (the first two books include Hero Status and Villainous). In addition, her ongoing web series Fight Crime! (A Love Story) … Continue reading

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