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Arrow: A Generation of Vipers: A Conversation with Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith

From the moment Captain America punched Adolf Hitler in the kisser, comic book readers have enjoyed crossovers. Who doesn’t like to see the Justice League mix it up with the Avengers, or Darkseid go toe-to-toe with Galactus? Jean-Luc Picard meeting … Continue reading

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Batgirl at Super Hero High: A Conversation with Lisa Yee

As a gnarled man-thing, we’re not exactly the prime target audience for DC’s Super Hero Girls prose imprint. But that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying Lisa Yee’s adorkable novels featuring teenage versions of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl. In our … Continue reading

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Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice: A Conversation with Derek Fridolfs

In Study Hall of Justice, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana Prince are new students enrolled at an exclusive prep school. Ducard Academy may be “the best learning institute in Gotham City,” but the superhero moppets are on edge. Something … Continue reading

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Super Stories of Heroes & Villains: A Conversation with Claude Lalumière

A handful of great short story collections have been published in 2013 and editor Claude Lalumière has been responsible for two of them. In February, Lalumière (along with co-editor, Camille Alexa) cobbled together a book featuring Canadian superheroes called Masked … Continue reading

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Island of the Super People. A Conversation with Kevin Shamel

There are a lot of super “heroes” in Kevin Shamel’s new book, Island of the Super People. And the permutations are endless: rock fists, swamp faces, claw hands, spiked bodies, capes, masks, big boobs, tight asses, glowing balls of super … Continue reading

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The Supernots: A Conversation with Leon Ardkin

Leon Ardkin has written a novel about a morally challenged scientist and his family of flawed superheroes. The Supernots is funny, but it’s more than just a “clash of the nuts.” It’s a smart, farcical novel that includes a bit … Continue reading

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The Question: Which Superhero Would You Pick?

Props to Dennis O’Neil for writing a novel about the Question. Like all Steve Ditko creations, the Question is a fascinating character—a blank slate in a complicated world. Maybe someday someone brave (and bold) will also write a Mr. A … Continue reading

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