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Two years ago I stopped uploading new content to Instead, I maintained my blog as simply an archival site. Now that my contract with WordPress is coming to an end, I’ve decided to focus my energies elsewhere. In other … Continue reading

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Super Hero High School Confidential

There’s a moment early in this novel when Cheetah confronts her nascent rival in the hallway of Super Hero High School. “Isn’t calling yourself Wonder Woman a bit premature?” she asks with a snarl. It’s a valid question, we suppose. … Continue reading

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Superheroes vs. Zombies, Part V

What will you be doing at the end of the world – specifically, what will you be doing during the “zombocalypse”? Will you barricade yourself inside a suburban mega mall (Dawn of the Dead style), or wander around aimlessly in … Continue reading

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Live! In the Link Age: Short Reviews of 2015 (Revisited)

The last time we saw Alice Gailsone she was lying in a hospital bed recuperating from injuries sustained from an atomic bomb (The Red Rook). In her first post-nuclear adventure (“Old Ghosts” / By Casey Glanders / First Printing: August … Continue reading

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Superhero Novels: The Best of 2015 and a Peek at 2016

Like Batman and Catwoman, our two favorite novels of 2015 are like the flip side of the same coin. One book puts superheroes squarely in the real world. Conversely, a big chunk of action in the second book takes place … Continue reading

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Good Enough

Just because you’re blessed with superpowers doesn’t mean you have to hang out in dark alleys and bust crime. Unlike all the do-gooders living in Central City and Star City, you could choose to lead a private, uncomplicated life. The … Continue reading

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Shea Magnifique

We weren’t the biggest fans of Chris Claremont and his initial 17-year writing stint on Uncanny X-Men. We were too busy reading Love and Rockets back then to care about Rogue, Storm, and Emma Frost. But we have to admit … Continue reading

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