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Ultra Shrinking Violet

Nathan Banks is a sixth-grade student at Ditko Middle School. Everybody knows him as the nerdy kid who collects comic books and “talks about superheroes all the time.” Even he admits he’s totally obsessed. “I’m a little too crazy about … Continue reading

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The Lone Bagman

During his first adventure, a vigilante crimefighter spots a crumpled grocery sack lying on the floor. Hoping to keep his identity secret, he picks up the bag, pokes two eyeholes through the paper and pulls it over his head. Watch … Continue reading

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Super Bitch

A long time ago Russia had a sneaky plan to crush the United States. Using calculated bursts of epsilon radiation, they would turn our soldiers into morons. Next, they would deploy Russian superwomen to undermine Hollywood’s cultural cachet and demolish … Continue reading

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iBoy Wonder

The premise of this book is totally ridiculous. On the way home from school one afternoon, a kid gets bopped on the head with an iPhone. Seventeen days later he wakes up in the hospital with enhanced smartphone-like superpowers. As … Continue reading

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Not So Powerful

Short story anthologies generally start strong and end long. In other words, they put their best story up front and then give readers a chance to linger at the end. Unfortunately the editor of Powers, a new superhero anthology, didn’t … Continue reading

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The Last American Hero

Zachary Harriman is a 14-year-old kid living in Manhattan who’s just discovered his heroic legacy. His dad, a “troubleshooting diplomat” for the United States, is a superhero. And his grandfather was somesuch thing too. As it turns out, all the … Continue reading

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Heaven’s on Fire

Twenty years ago, the Human Experiment was a highly classified government program that was hoping to create the perfect human being. In the beginning, the experiment appeared to be on the right track. It successfully produced an alpha subject named … Continue reading

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