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Hard Corps

Back in the early 20th century, one in a hundred Americans had a measure of magic within them. One in a thousand, however, had access to a greater superpower. Magic or superpowers (or whatever you want to call it), the … Continue reading

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Teenage Kicks

Scott and Allison attend the same prep school during the day. By all accounts they’re pretty average kids. But when school ends and the sun sets over the Manhattan skyline, the two classmates shimmy into their brightly colored costumes and … Continue reading

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Normally, Alice Styles wouldn’t allow herself to be groped by a horny superhero. She was “Alice-fucking-Styles,” after all, celebrity chef, international icon, and chilly ice queen. Would Martha Stewart or Anna Wintour put up with such nonsense? No way. But … Continue reading

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Ghost Town, USA

A cabal of American fascists wants to turn the British Isles into a new state of America. Its nefarious plan involves dropping an army of giant, one-eyed squids on top of London. This preemptive attack would incite a full-blown conflict … Continue reading

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In Gods We Trust

No doubt about it, being a superhero would be pretty cool. Flying, smashing, stretching, web-slinging—all that stuff sounds like a lot of fun. But like everything else, the superhero lifestyle also has its downside. For example, superheroes have no extended … Continue reading

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Island of the Super People. A Conversation with Kevin Shamel

There are a lot of super “heroes” in Kevin Shamel’s new book, Island of the Super People. And the permutations are endless: rock fists, swamp faces, claw hands, spiked bodies, capes, masks, big boobs, tight asses, glowing balls of super … Continue reading

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The God of War Returns

The Ascension is both a sequel and a prequel. It’s the follow-up to last year’s Super Human novel, and provides (some) history pertaining to the author’s Quantum Prophecy trilogy. In other words, it’s a book for existing readers and not … Continue reading

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