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Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’

Yes, this is a novel about Rogue, the popular southern belle from the X-Men comics. But X-fans be forewarned. There’s no Uncanny action here. No Gambit. No Wolverine. No Professor X. No Mystique. No Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. In fact, … Continue reading

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Vicious Victorious

Superhero fiction is packed with characters who are polar opposites, but for complicated reasons, they are inextricably linked forever. Take Reed Richards and Victor von Doom, for example, or Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. Harvey Dent, Mr. Two-Face himself, even … Continue reading

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Cruel Summer

After surviving an attack from the school librarian on the last day of sixth grade (she was a grumpy half shark, half human hybrid), Joshua Dread was finally looking forward to a little peace and quite during summer vacation. “Two … Continue reading

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Upside Down & Inside Out

In his introduction, editor Ben Langdon states that he wanted the stories in This Mutant Life to “reflect the collision of the ordinary with the extraordinary.” His goal was to explore the lives of heroes and villains, monsters and aliens … Continue reading

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The Aegis Team is on the Scene

In Dispensing Justice, the first book of the Nova Genesis World series, Michael Gurick embraced his superhero legacy when the Demolition Squad killed his father. Not for one second did young Michael waiver in his commitment to honor his father’s … Continue reading

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Man of Steel

People commonly refer to Superman as the Man of Steel. But that’s just a snazzy nickname that looks good on his resume. Despite his strength and near-invulnerability, he isn’t actually a man of steel. The nickname is more appropriate for … Continue reading

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Rise Above

Superhero fiction has a long list of colorful tropes: origin stories, costumes, utility belts, secret identities, alliterative names, vigilantism, mutants, aliens from another world, time travel, alternate dimensions, bat signals, bat caves, philanderers, evil scientists, eccentric (but handsome) billionaires. The … Continue reading

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