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Powerless (Again)

Years ago, when we read Matthew Cody’s terrific superhero novel Powerless, we never suspected that it was the first book in a planned trilogy. And yet here we are. Villainous crowns a three-book series about kids with super powers living … Continue reading

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Fringe Noir

Sins of the Father, the latest novel from Christa Faust is somewhat similar to her Hard Case Crime hardboiled adventures. It features a con man, a high-stakes sting, and lots of gunplay. Let’s call it Fringe noir: things start badly and … Continue reading

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The New Indestructibles

In the first Indestructibles novel readers were introduced to a team of young eclectic heroes — Solar, Straylight, Entropy Emily, Fury, and Dancer. Along with their mentor Doctor Silence, they were the new kids on the superhero block. Now, in … Continue reading

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Live! In the Link Age: Short Reviews of 2014 (Revisited)

The 9 Super Girls (by Tigerlily Emi Kawasaki / First Printing: December 2013) is a self-published, one-of-a-kind portfolio of drawings featuring super-powered girls who punch, fly, swim, make music, wield swords, and control the weather. There’s even one character whose … Continue reading

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Superhero Novels: The Best of 2014 and a Peek at 2015

2014 was definitely the year of the tiger as far as we’re concerned. Nick Harkaway’s latest novel featured a substantial superhero storyline and we are happy to embrace it as our favorite novel of the year. But really, when we … Continue reading

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The Invincible Mega Girl

In 1991, the earth witnessed an unprecedented meteorological event. For five and a half weeks, over 90 percent of the planet’s surface suffered mass flooding, soil erosion, and large-scale climate and terrain changes. Years later, it was discovered that this … Continue reading

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Sodality of Malefactors

Superhero teams come together in a handful of ways. For example, the collective members might be the same age (Tiny Titans) or they might be related to each other (Hawk & Dove). They might even share a similar life experience … Continue reading

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