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Joshua Dread, Where Are You?!

The trouble began one afternoon with a food fight in a Sheepsdale shopping mall. The former members of the Alliance of the Impossible (Joshua, Milton, Sophie, and Miranda) were sharing a plate of cheese fries when a pair of floating … Continue reading

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Victims of Change

Back in college, we wrote a novel based on the songs from Young Loud and Snotty, the 1977 debut album by the Dead Boys. Good Lord, it was awful. But don’t judge us too harshly. We were young and wayward, … Continue reading

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Angel Heartbreak

Now that we’ve reached the third volume of the Secret World Chronicle, we respectfully claim the right to bitch about certain reoccurring characters and subplots. After nearly 1,400 pages, we’ve put in our time. Don’t get us wrong. Mercedes Lackey … Continue reading

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The Lama Lies Down on Broadway

Author Adam Lance Garcia calls the Green Lama “the world’s first Buddhist hero.” And that’s true, we suppose. Certainly he predates Judomaster, the Question, Iron Fist, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And we can’t find any evidence confirming Siddhartha … Continue reading

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Superheroes vs. Zombies, Part IV

There’s one thing that’s always bothered us about The Walking Dead, the highly successful comic book and TV series. None of the characters ever invoke the Z word. But why? Is it because Rick, Darryl, and Michonne have never seen … Continue reading

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Secrets of the Golden Age

Everybody in Carrie Vaughn’s latest novel is guarding a deeply personal secret. Superheroes, supervillains, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, frenemies, police captains, and chauffeurs—they’re all concealing something untold from each other. Keeping secrets is an important part of being a … Continue reading

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