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Absolute Girlfriend

Author Tasha Black agrees with us: Superhero stories would be 100x better with a little romance. Take Captain America: The Winter Soldier, for example. Overall, it was a pretty good movie. But it would have been a lot better with … Continue reading

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Lois Lane: Fallout Girl

As expected, Clark Kent makes an appearance in Gwenda Bond’s perky new Lois Lane novel (he’s called SmallvilleGuy throughout the book). But instead of dominating the story like he normally does, he’s simply cast as a supporting character. In other … Continue reading

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What can you say about today’s villains? Not much, apparently. There’s nobody who can hold a candle to Lady Macbeth, Ebenezer Scrooge, Professor Moriarty, or Dr. Fu Manchu. According to Nathaniel Nero (aka the Architect), the problem with villains today … Continue reading

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Princess Excellent

Cherie Priest’s latest novel is about the two most important things in life: friendship and superheroes. Libby Deaton and May Harper met in fifth grade and together they created Princess X, a superhero who fought monsters, ghosts, and other unsavory … Continue reading

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Enter the Dragons

For some mysterious but utterly nefarious reason, someone had constructed a giant invisible dome over China. Nobody inside could get out. And nobody outside could get in. It was a “New Wall” for a new generation. To its credit, China … Continue reading

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Mighty Meds

A recent medical study found that 70 percent of Americans are merrily ingesting at least one prescription drug. Of this percentage, more than half of us are taking two or more pills at a time – with antibiotics, antidepressants, antianxiety … Continue reading

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Our Violent Century

We remember reading initial reviews of Jonathan Lethem’s novel, The Fortress of Solitude. Many critics were clearly baffled by the author’s decision to include a superhero in his giant, messy semi-autobiographical book. But those early critics were quickly silenced by … Continue reading

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