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Sif Dragonslayer

There’s a dragon terrorizing a small fishing village near the Valhalla Mountains. Because Thor is abed with wounds suffered from a recent battle with Hrungnir and his army of trolls (for more details, see our review of Thor: Dueling With … Continue reading

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Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

Weather Wizard, the Mist, Prism (aka Rainbow Raider), Peekaboo, and Pied Piper were doing their best to split Central City wide open like an overripe piece of fruit. On their own they couldn’t slow down the Flash. But together, the … Continue reading

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The 30 Million Dollar Woman

As a crimefighting vigilante, Dani was slowly building a reputation in her neighborhood as the Ghost of Cabrini. But she didn’t like her superhero name very much. “I don’t want to be a ghost,” she complains. “I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Live! In the Link Age: Short Reviews of 2016 (Revisited)

Everybody’s got an origin story, even a chump on the downhill slide to nowhere like Duke LaRue (“The Devil’s Right Hand” / By Stephen T. Brophy / First Printing: February 2016). Before he became an infamous minion known as HandCannon … Continue reading

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Superhero Novels: The Best of 2016 and a Peek at 2017

Welcome to our celebratory recap of superhero novels published in 2016. You’ll notice right away that this year’s Top 5 list is unusual because it features books that are slightly askew of the genre. Three of our favorite books, in … Continue reading

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Phantoms Menace

There were four supergirls in Fate of Flames, but they weren’t without their own particular problems. One girl was a failed pop star, one had a bad temper, another was an inexperienced high school kid, and one was a full … Continue reading

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The Hero with a 1001 Faces

The Hero with a Thousand Faces was first published in 1949. With it, author Joseph Campbell established the monomyth, a theory that all heroic stories followed a single and common narrative. Some people consider it to be the most influential … Continue reading

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