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Unidentified Assailant in Black

Bruce Wayne was a senior in high school at the beginning of Batman: Nightwalker. In his spare time he liked to read mystery novels and listen to the police scanner. All things considered, he was just a normal everyday teenage … Continue reading

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Gotham: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Gotham (the TV series) is a prequel to Detective Comics #27. It chronicles the teenage years of Bruce Wayne after his parents are killed and before he puts on the batsuit. Gotham: Dawn of Darkness (the novel) is a prequel … Continue reading

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Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice: A Conversation with Derek Fridolfs

In Study Hall of Justice, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, and Diana Prince are new students enrolled at an exclusive prep school. Ducard Academy may be “the best learning institute in Gotham City,” but the superhero moppets are on edge. Something … Continue reading

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Wayne Manner

According to his grandfather, Bruce Wayne was the descendant of knights who fought in the holy wars during the middle ages. More recently, “Waynes have participated in every battle fought in or about America.” They were, for an extended period … Continue reading

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Batman Begins

Nobody knew what to think when Batman stepped out of the shadows for the first time. “Who was this guy who tried to look like a bat?” asked Alexander Knox, a reporter with the Gotham Globe. “Was he a renegade … Continue reading

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Cat Nipped

Gotham City at night belongs to Batman, but it doesn’t belong to him alone. Somewhere in the shadows lurks a stray cat that is yowling in fury and endless desire. That yowling cat is Catwoman and she is an iconic … Continue reading

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Smells Like Tiger Spirit

A newfangled terrorist group has come to Gotham City to buy enough arms, ammunition, and ground-to-air Stinger missiles to outfit a small army. Naturally, Batman is on the case. Nobody is going to swap hardware like that on his watch. … Continue reading

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