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Superhero Novels: With Great Power Come Great Stories

“All superhero fiction is defined by the villain,” said Gini Koch, author of Touched by an Alien. “Batman is nothing without the Joker.” And so it went Friday morning at Comic-Con as a riot of authors gathered to discuss the … Continue reading

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Superheroes Are Super Freaky

Once they were called extrahumans, super-powered crime fighters who kept the streets of New Chicago safe from the rabble. But now they’re known derisively as superfreaks, a motley crew of heroes who honor sponsorship deals above civic duty. They’re super … Continue reading

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Shadow and Light

Every superhero is cursed with a devilish adversary that somehow undermines his or her core strength. Think of Batman and the Joker, for example (or Wonder Woman and Ares). And so it is with Jet and Iridium, two super friends … Continue reading

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