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Happily Ever After

Over the years, Jo “Surf” Tanis has had a lot of jobs. She was a bookstore clerk for a while, a popular pinup model, a reality TV star, and a fake superhero. After she saved the planet from space invaders … Continue reading

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Superhero Novels Alert: Blaze of Glory TV

A year ago, author Sheryl Nantus told us that she’d like to see her Blaze of Glory series eventually turned into a television show. And now, in her latest book (Heroes Without, Monsters Within), her characters are even musing about … Continue reading

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Mighty Real

An alien civilization called the Chu’kar has been secretly spying on Earth. But they made a teeny-tiny mistake. Instead of paying attention to the important stuff, they got hooked on tokusatsu movies and He-Man cartoons. When they finally show up, … Continue reading

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