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Oh, Calamity!

Without a doubt, the supervillains in Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners series are all evil. They have a penchant for turning entire metropolitan areas into steel and submerging them in water. One particular nasty fellow liked to obliterate cities while quoting wonky … Continue reading

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Candy Corps

It’s been 13 years since Calamity begat a new breed of supervillains. These Epics (with comic book-inspired names like Steelheart, Mitosis, and Obliteration) were cruel and immune to comeuppance. They were like lions among gazelles. But their reign of terror … Continue reading

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Man of Steel

People commonly refer to Superman as the Man of Steel. But that’s just a snazzy nickname that looks good on his resume. Despite his strength and near-invulnerability, he isn’t actually a man of steel. The nickname is more appropriate for … Continue reading

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