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Supergirl: The Last Leaf on the Tree

Superman and Supergirl have a couple of things in common. They are the last son and daughter of Krypton. And they both acquired super powers living under a yellow sun. But their origin stories differ in dramatic ways. Kal-El came … Continue reading

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Smells Like Tiger Spirit

A newfangled terrorist group has come to Gotham City to buy enough arms, ammunition, and ground-to-air Stinger missiles to outfit a small army. Naturally, Batman is on the case. Nobody is going to swap hardware like that on his watch. … Continue reading

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Superman, the Prequel

Solar disturbances, tectonic upheaval, massive tidal waves, a threatening comet, and the cancelation of Smallville—it can mean only one thing: the end of Krypton is nigh! We all know the origin of baby Kal-El. His home planet about to be … Continue reading

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The Question: Which Superhero Would You Pick?

Props to Dennis O’Neil for writing a novel about the Question. Like all Steve Ditko creations, the Question is a fascinating character—a blank slate in a complicated world. Maybe someday someone brave (and bold) will also write a Mr. A … Continue reading

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