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Wonder Twines

It’s hard to fault Adam Christopher for his vigorous imagination. His first novel (Empire State) was a bountiful debut, filled with a seemingly non-ending string of delightful things. It was a pleasure to read and deserved all the praise it … Continue reading

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Superhero Novels: The Best of 2011 and a Peek at 2012

When someone discovers SuperheroNovels.com for the first time, they inevitably ask the same question: Are there enough superhero books being written to support a blog? The truth is we struggle mightily to keep abreast of all the novels that are … Continue reading

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Empire State of Mind

Empire State is a pulp-y science fiction detective novel built upon parallel worlds, alternate reality, fringe science, and superheroes. It’s a clever, intricate book with wild impulsive plot turns. Surreal and a little bit hallucinatory, it’s an affectionate nod to … Continue reading

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