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Herb Trimpe: The Man Behind the Monster

Artist Herb Trimpe joined the Marvel bullpen back in 1967. He was hired as an in-house production guy and did all the thankless grunt work Stan Lee asked him to do. But on April 1, 1968, Trimpe took an assignment … Continue reading

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Personality Xrisis

The X-Men hear a rumor that mutants are being arrested in Seattle and thrown into a mental institute. Always sensitive to mutant civil rights, Wolverine and four of his buddies decide to visit the Emerald City and check it out. … Continue reading

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Love It To Death

Late at night when the mood gets sexy, do you turn to your lover with a playful wink and an enigmatic smile? Or do you simply say, “The urge to sow my lifeseeds is upon me”? It’s not exactly romantic … Continue reading

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Earth’s Mightiest Superbabies

All four stories in this Marvel superhero collection are a super wreck. Mostly because the Hulk, Daredevil, and X-Men don’t do anything very interesting.  These are comic book adventures not fit for comic books. The X-Men in particular have a bad … Continue reading

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Stranded in the Jungle

“He couldn’t think; he couldn’t feel; all he knew was the rage. Then his body exploded.” Of all the chatty superheroes in the Marvel bullpen, no one is less chatty than the Hulk. The guy is practically pre-lingual. Only the … Continue reading

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Picture This: The Sub-Mariner, Fantastic Four, and Dr. Doom

To Free Atlantis hews closely to sacred Marvel scripture. This will surely delight lifelong members of F.O.O.M. Unfortunately the text is undermined by the illustrations that begin each of the 10 chapters. Let’s take a look. First drawing: Prince Namor … Continue reading

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Mayhem in Midtown

Doctor Octopus has a plan to shut down the refineries of the nation’s top eight oil magnates. “Once the government learns of your unfortunate predicament,” he tells them, “you will be unable to prevent extensive research into various alternative energy … Continue reading

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