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The Fantastically Flawed Four

People forget how odd the Fantastic Four were back in 1961. Unlike other superheroes of the time, they didn’t have secret identities and they were treated like celebrities. And unlike their levelheaded counterparts in the Justice League, they often bickered, … Continue reading

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In this 1995 novel, author Peter David describes the Hulk as “a nuclear warhead on legs” and “an unstoppable engine of destruction.” The Hulk’s muscles, we are told, defy all known rules of human anatomy. And when he’s on a … Continue reading

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Psi-Man’s Adventures in Wonderland

Disneyland may in fact be the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but it always seemed a tad feudal to us. There’s an impenetrable wall surrounding the park, a big iconic castle, and all those inscrutable Alice in Wonderland playing card guardsmen … Continue reading

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Soggy Serial

Chuck Simon is the most powerful telekinetic in the world. Known colloquially as Psi-Man, the U.S. government has put him at the top of the list of people they’d like to see either A) working as a sanctioned political assassin, … Continue reading

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Psionic Supersonic

The year is 2021 and the country is a stinking mess. After a string of wars, toxic accidents and natural disasters, the air is not always breathable and the sun is an almost forgotten astronomical phenomenon. But how can a … Continue reading

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