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Live! In the Link Age: Short Reviews of 2012 (Revisited)

Have you been thrown off balance by the New 52 reboot of Superman? Just imagine how the Man of Steel feels. Author Robert T. Jeschonek takes a look at Superman sans Lois Lane in his latest story, “The Wife Who … Continue reading

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Force It

In Forced Retirement, Hericane saved Isosceles City from being destroyed. Now in Forced Betrayal, she has to save the entire planet from being destroyed. She’s the daughter of the most powerful superhuman who ever lived. And, as it turns out, … Continue reading

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Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Inferno

The world has gone to shit. Rising temperatures, rising sea levels, and crazy weather has turned Manhattan into a sunken city. New Jersey is an island and Point Scranton is a new costal town on the edge of the rising … Continue reading

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Small Heroes, Big Murders

Someone in Las Vegas is killing a group of diminutive superheroes. Pinpoint, Germ Warfare, and Flyspeck—they’re all gone. What’s more, the deaths are being filmed and sold as porn videos. Everybody has a kink, and some people are willing to … Continue reading

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It’s a Family Affair

Spoiler alert: there are a lot of masks in this book—Ku Klux Klan conical hoods, superhero cowls, lucha libre máscaras, and knit pullover ski caps worn by arsonists. But that’s not what The Masked Family is all about. It’s about … Continue reading

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When the Gods Go Crazy

Epitome is the strongest of the strong, the “king of the superhuman gods.” Even at age 72, he can bench press North America, fly like a jet, and deploy hair follicles to drill through concrete (Whoa!). But what happens when … Continue reading

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