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Beyond Good and Evil

“When I was 12 years old,” says Michael Marion Magdalene Morn-Edson, “my father strapped a bomb to my chest and drove me to the First National Bank and Trust so we could steal $27,500.” Apparently Michael’s father needed the extra … Continue reading

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Superhero Novels: The Best of 2013 and a Peek at 2014

This was the first year we seriously considered expanding our year-end Top 5 list to an inclusive Top 10 list. It would have been easy to do. For example, four excellent short story collections were published this year and they … Continue reading

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‘Kicks are for Kids

We love sidekicks. Whether we’re watching a television program or reading a superhero comic book, we inevitably root for the tagalong wingman. After all, the hero has already experienced his defining moment but the sidekick’s story is still evolving. And … Continue reading

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