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Rise of Heroes

In the first Cloak Society novel, the relationship between Alex Knight and his mother was so bad we didn’t see how the two could ever patch up their differences. And now here we are in the third book. And guess … Continue reading

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Rise Above

Superhero fiction has a long list of colorful tropes: origin stories, costumes, utility belts, secret identities, alliterative names, vigilantism, mutants, aliens from another world, time travel, alternate dimensions, bat signals, bat caves, philanderers, evil scientists, eccentric (but handsome) billionaires. The … Continue reading

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Son of a Bitch

As a fourth generation member of the Cloak Society, 12-year-old Alex Knight has worked hard to achieve his super evil potential. “You don’t just fall into supervillainy,” he says, “it’s a way of life.” Alex knows that “supervillain” is a … Continue reading

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